Demonstrating good table manners is always important, so why not familiarize yourself with the basics while using our lovelymanners "At the Table" placemats?  Designed for people of all ages, these placemats are elegant, playful, and at the same time, modern and cool!  Set the table and put your manners to use!

"At the Table" Placemats are only our first product.  Look for lovelymanners "Out and About" Placemats and lovelymanners Discussion Cards in the future!


A southern mother and daughter, Audie and Jill, have set out to change the world. Jill's children have mastered their lovely manners with help from Grandma and Mom.  (Grandpa Bobby - who also has very lovely manners - has helped us with our product all along.)  We believe that manners make the world a civilized place.