Get Your Manners On

  • Placemats with fun guides to proper table manners.
  • Six Unique Placemats in each set - over 24 manners in total. 

  • Reusable. Waterproof. Tear-resistant. Made in the USA on 100% tree-free paper.

  • Wipe-off. Use again and again!

  • Generous 12.25” x 18” size on heavy stock.

  • Award-winning! Winner of the 2011 Yupo Wally Awards for Best Design.

  • Choose a set of six in Blue, Gray, or Orange and have a lovely meal!


Placemat #1

  • BREAD AND SALAD PLATES will be to the left of your dinner plate. Your GLASSWARE will be to the right.

  • Say "PLEASE" when you ask for something, and then "THANK YOU," of course.

  • Please eat slowly, bring your food UP to your mouth, and chew with your mouth CLOSED. Never talk with FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH!

  • Keep the hand not holding the fork IN YOUR LAP and never rest your arms or elbows on the table. 

Placemat #2

  • Do not begin to eat until EVERYONE HAS BEEN SERVED. Always ask for food to be passed. NEVER REACH OR POINT! 

  • Say "EXCUSE ME" or "MAY I BE EXCUSED?" if you want to leave the table. Push your chair back under the table.

  • Put a pat of butter on the side of your plate.  BREAK OFF A PIECE OF BREAD and butter and eat just that piece!  Then break off another piece.

  • Please do not use your fingers to push your food onto the fork.  Please use your knife as a helper!

  Placemat #3

  • If food ends up on your hands, NEVER EVER lick your fingers. Yuck! Use your napkin, of course! 

  • Cut only ONE PIECE of food at a time.  Eat that piece and then you may cut another.

  • Use your silverware starting with the outside pieces and work your way in.  Pass salt and pepper together and platters to the right.

  • DO NOT PUT TOO MUCH FOOD onto your fork.  NEVER STUFF YOUR MOUTH!  You will look rude stuffing all that food in your mouth!

Placemat #4

  • PUT YOUR NAPKIN IN YOUR LAP AS SOON AS YOU SIT DOWN.  When you leave the table, put your napkin on the table lightly folded to the left of your plate.

  • Make pleasant conversation at the table and include everyone.  If you BURP OR SLURP, say "excuse me" quietly. Try not to giggle.

  • Use your napkin only to wipe your mouth, NEVER YOUR NOSE!  If you need to blow your nose or to remove something caught between your teeth, do those things in the RESTROOM!

  • SAY "NO THANK YOU" when you do not want something offered.  Never say "I HATE THAT" or "I'M STUFFED".

Placemat #5

  • When you are FINISHED EATING, put your knife and fork on your plate at 4:20 o'clock. 

  • NEVER INTERRUPT table conversation.  Wait for your turn or say, "Excuse me for interrupting."

  • A gentleman HOLDS THE CHAIR for a lady before he sits down and STANDS when a lady leaves or returns to the table.

  • When a guest in someone's home, THANK THE COOK and offer to help clear the table. 

Placemat #6

  • NEVER CUT OR SUCK UP long pasta pieces.  A few strands should be twirled on your fork, using your spoon as a helper if you wish.

  • Remember that used silverware NEVER touches the table!

  • Butter, cream cheese, or jelly go onto the side of your plate BEFORE YOU SPREAD THEM ON YOUR FOOD.

  • If you must take something out of your mouth, QUIETLY put it on your spoon or fork, and then on the side of you plate.